Insights of Nursing Profession in UK

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Insights of Nursing Profession in UK

There is no doubt that nurses are as important as doctors in a medical setup. In fact, to understand their importance it can be said that if the doctors are like machines, nurses are like screws that holds it all together. Probably this is the reason why nursing as a profession holds so much importance in UK. 

Nursing is highly demanding yet a rewarding profession. Becoming a nurse provides you the chance of making tangible difference in people’s lives. However, one needs to have or acquire certain qualities to do that. A nursing professional is expected to have empathy, sensitivity and great communication skills to gain ultimate success. Nurses in UK are required to deliver their care in a variety of setups like such as hospitals, homes and in the community and will be part of a team made up of doctors, health-care assistants, play staff, psychologists and social workers. The position holds a lot of responsibilities that can only be fulfilled with proper education and training for a nurse practitioner.

Responsibilities of A Nurse Practitioner

  • Assess and prepare patients reports on their specific health conditions
  • Prepare patients for operations and medical procedures
  • Responsible for Recording pulse, temperature and respiration to help in providing proper medication
  • Responsible for setting up drips and blood transfusions
  • Maintaining a check on intravenous infusions
  • Administer medication and injections on time
  • Assist patients with tests and evaluations
  • Provide on time response to emergencies
  • Explain treatment and procedures to patient and their family members for the consent
  • Support, advise and educate patients and their family members on health-care
  • Teach skills to interns and student nurses, doctors and other health-care professionals
  • Write reports and update patient records before shift ends
  • Coordinate staff and divide workload in different shifts across all wards
  • Ensure proper hygiene and safety regulations for staff as well as visitors on the ward 
Education Qualifications for a Nurse

Each individual nursing course will have its own entry requirements but there are basic common skills and qualifications that a nurse practitioner is required to hold regardless of wherever they decide to study. These include basic numeracy and literacy skills that are essential for nursing jobs as they are required to make general communication with public and apply basic mathematician calculations as an integral part of their job.  

When it comes to having a nursing degree you need to get it approved by nursing and midwifery council (NMC). Nurses are basically trained in four different categories adult, children, learning disability and mental health. The degree usually lasts for three years and provides both classroom and practical learning in the field. Both are equally required by a professional to get placed in an actual medical institute.
Work Experience

Although not essential, it is of great help if an individual gets to work in an actual clinical atmosphere before being employed for one. The same will provide nursing candidates an insight into actual work atmosphere at a medical institute and train you for the difficult procedures and responsibilities it involves. Pre-entry experience with NHS trust and similar other health-care institutes is highly valuable for your nursing career. 

Recruitment Process

UK promotes high standards of practice for the recruitment and employment of health-care professionals. Individuals are required to match those standards in order to qualify for the desired nursing role includes staff nurse, senior staff nurse, health-care assistant, senior health-care assistant, nurse cadet, advance nurse practitioner, director of nursing etc., at preferred medical institute. On the other hand, there are other potential paths that you can follow to progress with your nursing jobs in UK. One of the most reliable of them is getting registered with a medical recruitment agency in UK. These agencies play mediating role between candidates and medical institutes. Being in contact with top medical facilities in UK, it can help you find your desired nursing job without much struggle. All you need to do is fulfill the requirements to qualify for the role.

Before It Ends

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