Top 10 Qualities Nursing Recruiter Look For in Candidate

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Top 10 Qualities Nursing Recruiter Look For in a Candidate

Forming a largest part of staff roster in healthcare industry, nurses are crucial to any medical organization. This is why special recruitment consultants are appointed for hiring a good fit for the role. These recruiters source, make connections and find right candidates to fill in a particular niche for their clients. They perform typical HR functions that are required to fill in vacancies at a medical organizations. They are focused professionals skilled at filling in vacancies for nursing professionals for a hospital or clinical facility. They follow certain characteristics in a candidate while looking for a nursing professional.

Now you must be thinking what exactly are these qualities? Well, the blog is dedicated to those qualities only. Lets explore them in proper detail.

Education and Knowledge

Working in Healthcare industry is not a joke, its about human life. Poor education or lack of sufficient knowledge can put human health at risk. Even a single mistake can cost a life. The role of a nurse is no exception to that. It requires formal education and training. It is important to keep up with your nursing skills before you apply for the job, as recruiter is always on a look out for a well trained and educated professional for a nurse job.


Being flexible with working hours and day/night schedules is another top most quality that recruiters look for in a candidate for a RGN jobs. Travel is another thing that a nursing professional should be comfortable with. Being flexible can make you more marketable to hospitals and increases the chances for you to get placed quickly and for the high demand places.

Level of Professionalism

Recruiters also look for the amount of professionalism while interview candidates for the nursing role. It involves handling recruiters inquiring politely, responding to calls and voice mails. Make sure to be very professional when it comes to handling such things with recruiters. Even if you are not looking for the job actively and a recruiter reaches out, get back politely, make sure you don’t let the fact affect the relationship for that can help you in future. Handling such situations smoothly makes you are a solid professional.


Employers expect a nurse to be a leader who volunteers to help other nurses without even asking, looks for ways to collaborate with other departs and work with them efficiently in the medical facility. If you think you have this kind of leadership in your then make sure to put that in your resume so the employers can notice that about you.


Taking care of patients at the hospitals makes it a major part of nursing job hence compassion is what a candidate must have to hold on to the role of a nurse. It is assumed that the amount compassion in a candidate for nursing role make a lot of difference in the quality of care one can provide. Sometimes, while employer do not understand your career interest in the interview, its the amount of compassion in you that can save your grace.

Positive Attitude

One’s attitude towards life in general predicts a lot about his/her personality. Having a positive attitude helps a lot especially when you are in nursing professionals for there can be severe circumstances at work to face to. Also, positive attitude in a nurse would mean high quality patient care and better way to tackle difficult situations at work. Therefore, positive too is a quality recruiters look for in candidates for nursing job.

Communication Skills

For a nurse, ability to communicate ranks way high on the list of skills that a recruiter look for. To be able to communicated in multiple language is always a plus. Expect the recruiter to provide your priority for a nurse job just for that matter.

Technical Knowledge and Experience

Virtually every hospital requires computer skills in a nurse since they now uses including the most common EMR/EHR (electronic medical records) . Therefore, recruiters look forward to find a candidate who’s skilled and experienced with technology. There are other equipments like dialysis machine that requires technical assistance. Therefore, before you apply for the nurse job make sure your study for the type of technology you might require to deal with at the facility. In such job types recruiters often look for candidates with internships for they are assumed to have dealt with technological aspects at medical facility in the past.

Ability to Learn New Things/Procedures

Although this is a common attribute a candidate should have in every job field, nurses specifically need it the most. From learning a new skill at work or a medical procedure, nurses should be a quick learner. Nurse for that matter get appointed for a new patient every day which requires then to learn a new name, how to deal with them and their medical issues.

Desire to Grow

Any candidate be it for nursing role or any other should possess the desire to grow in their specific fields. It will help you boost your own sense of accomplishments and even adds a value to your resume. Also, most of the time while work a place eventually the nurse professionals ends up considering to level up their education to get a career boost.


As a career, nursing is complex but a rewarding profession. It provides tremendous satisfaction to help people in need at the right time and in the most professional manner. All you need is to have the right personality and frame of mind to deal with all the things the role of a nurse requires. So, if you want to be a nurse and posses all the above qualities, you should definitely apply for one now!

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